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Dry Skin Care – How to Prevent Uncomfortable Irritation

Stephen Todd

Dry skin care is important because it prevents the uncomfortable
irritation that comes from a lack of moisture from all areas of
the body.

The lower legs, elbows, and forearms are a few parts of the body
that could greatly benefit from dry skin care.

When skin becomes dry, it can feel coarse, as well as scaly,
coupled with a bothersome itchiness.

Causes of Dry Skin

Some of the causes that create a need for dry skin care include
an overheating of the body during the winter season accompanied
with low humidity.

During the summer, the effects of air conditioning create a need
for dry skin care.

Factors that can affect dry skin can be the overuse of soaps or
antiperspirants, as well as luxuriating in a hot bath at the end
of the day.

Dry skin care is needed for individuals who experience daily
stress, have been exposed to smoke, or are exposed to great
amounts of sun.

Dry skin also worsens as the body ages due to the loss of sweat
and oil glands throughout the body.


What makes the condition of dry skin a real inconvenience is that
it itches like crazy and can be easily irritated into a flare-up
of redness and itching.

Without dry skin care, a person could suffer from a loss of
sleep, as well as cause mood swings.

A physician should look at very dry and itchy skin because
certain conditions like kidney disease and diabetes exhibit
itching as a symptom.

Moisturizers, Ointment and Lotions

The most popular forms of dry skin care treatment are
moisturizers that help replace some of the water that is loss
through the skin. Moisturizers also work as a soothing agent to
ease discomfort. This form of dry skin care comes in an
assortment of satisfying products, such as lotions, creams and

When using an ointment for dry skin care, you will encounter a
combination of water and an oil-based ingredient, such as
petrolatum or lanolin.

Lotions are created when powder crystals are dissolved within
water. The amount of water in lotions keeps the skin from having
a too greasy feeling, as well as providing that cooling effect
that you notice.

Lotions are good for a quick application, but you should know
that they do not possess the same level of protection.

Adding oil to water creates creams. The disadvantage of using
this type of skin care is that it has to be used more often.
Moisturizers should be used as a dry skin care regimen to prevent
further outbreaks.

Dry Skin Care Tips

Dry skin care tips include:

· Using a humidifier in your room in order to increase the amount
of moisture in the air.

· When you bath less often or minimize the amount of time you
spend in the bathtub or shower - this can alleviate dry skin.

· When you have dry skin, you should avoid using hot water,
opting for a warmer shower or bath.

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